Proposal of National BIM ROADMAP

bim roadmap web2Building information modeling (BIM) implementation is a major change management task, involving a diversity of risk areas. The identification of the challenges and barriers is, therefore, an imperative precondition of this change process. The creation of the document Roadmap for the introduction of BIM aims to diagnose the construction industry to develop a clear understanding of BIM adoption and to form an imperative step of consolidating collective movements towards wider BIM implementation and to provide strategies and recommendations for the construction industry for BIM implementation. The Roadmap’s usually suggesting structured patterns to systematically tackle technology, process and people issues in BIM implementation and require consideration for organizations to progress on the BIM maturity ladder. Practical implications ‐ It paves a solid foundation for organizations to make informed decisions in BIM adaptation within the overall organization structure.

The development of a Roadmap for the introduction of the BIM tool in the RNM is planned for the period of Jan-April 2020, with the support of the project partner BIM Academy, Barcelona and BIM experts from Slovenia and from Slovakia. The development plan will be adopted by the project Steering Committee and considering that the members are representatives of the ministries, the working group to introduce the BIM will be formed from those lines.